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Dental Procedures

Serving South San Francisco and Surrounding Areas: Daly City, Pacifica, San Bruno, Millbrae, Burlingame, Colma  

  At Vista Dental Care we offer a wide range of treatment options to fit whatever your health needs may be. Whether it is restorative or preventative work, Vista Dental Care's Team is here to walk you through every step towards optimal oral health.

  We also offer Zoom whitening, Invisalign, implant treatment and prosthetic treatment, complete with in-house specialists - including two endodontists, a periodontist, and an oral surgeon.      


Restorative Procedures:

  •  Fillings

  •  Crowns        

Tooth Replacement Therapy:

  •  Implants    

  •  Bridges

  •  Full Dentures

  •  Partial Dentures

Areas of Specialty:

  • Endodontics

  • Periodontics

  • Oral Surgery

Adjunctive Services:

  • Nightguard

  • Sportsguard 

  • Remineralization Treatment