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Dental Emergencies


Most people have first aid and emergency kits at home filled with supplies for cuts and bruises, but what about your teeth?  A dental emergency can range from a broken filling to a broken tooth. Below are a few things that you can do if an emergency situation arises and you are unable to get to your dentist.

  • Loose tooth – If a tooth becomes loose (from the socket), try gently replacing it into the tooth socket. Do not scrub the tooth to try and clean it, you can damage the tissue in the surrounding area. Get in contact with your dentist immediately.
  • Pain – Severe pain from a toothache may indicate an infection. If you are experiencing severe pain, consult your dentist so that the infection will not spread.
  • Lost filling – If your filling falls out you should rinse out the cavity with warm water. If you can't get to your dentist immediately, you may apply a temporary filling product such as Dentemp® O.S. which can be made into a ball and pressed firmly into the cavity.
  • Cracked or broken denture - It is always best to have an extra set of removable appliances. In case you crack your denture, you can wear your back up until your dentist is able to repair the denture.  If you do not have a back up, keep an emergency denture repair kit on hand (i.e. D.O.C. Emergency Denture Repair Kit, which is available at your local pharmacy).
  • Dislodged cap/crown – If your cap/crown comes off and you are not able to get to your dentist, you may apply a temporary dental holding product. Dentemp® O.S. can be found at your local pharmacy; you may apply it to the cap and gently replace the cap onto the tooth. Then contact your dentist immediately.

Please note that temporary dental solutions are just that—temporary. Contact us as soon as possible to schedule an appointment to ensure that your dental emergency is properly treated.